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Are you Pregnant and worried about the COVID - 19?

Hello Mamas ! 2020 began with new hopes and dreams but as we progressed into the year

COVID-19 started engulfing the world in its deadly trap and now we are at a stage where even the smallest of activities appear as something farfetched, be it a vacation, a ride to the ice-cream parlour or just a late night drive.

Pregnancy and COVID-19

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If your 2020 started with this glorious news then Congratulations to Both of you and if you have been carrying this little bunny for quite sometime now and are due for delivery soon then we are here to take your worries away :)

How Dangerous is COVID - 19 for the Mother and Baby ?

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During Pregnancy (0-38 WEEKS)

A.If you have travelled outside India or locally within the country in the past 1 month or if you have come in contact with person who has travelled recently to some potentially affected COVID 19 Area.

Pregnant women do not appear more likely to contract the infection than the general population. However, pregnancy itself alters the body’s immune system, which can occasionally be related to more severe symptoms and this will be the same for COVID-19.

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It is important that you inform your Health Practitioner/Obstetrician about any exposure to COVID-19 if you have travelled to or around COVID-19 affected area or if you have met someone who has travelled recently.

The Health Practitioner will then take your detailed medical history and will conduct a thorough medical checkup to ensure there are no potential problems for the baby and that you have no signs of the disease.

Generally the Ante-Natal Visits to the Heath Practitioner/Obstetrician are minimum 8-10 times but during this Pandemic there may be need to reduce the number of visits you have but you must be in constant touch with your maternity team.

If you have been exposed but are not showing any Symptoms

( Asymptomatic)-

It is important to isolate yourself for 14-21 days in Self Quarantine at home to ensure that any possible scope for infection is ruled out.

If you have been exposed & are showing Mild to Serious Symptoms

( Symptomatic)-

It is important to isolate yourself for 14-21 days in Self Quarantine at home to ensure that any possible scope for infection is ruled out and incase you have developed any symptoms of COVID-19 within the Quarantine Period then Inform your Health Practitioner as soon as possible.

( Symptoms of Covid-19 as Mentioned by World Health Organisation (WHO) )

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The Health Practitioner will take due care of you according to the ICMR guidelines (Indian Council of Medical Research ) according to which you will be monitored in hospital in an isolated room.

It is important to avoid stress and panic at all costs because that may be more dangerous for the baby and you than the disease itself.

You will be monitored and tested in the hospital itself, If your test comes Positive then you will be hospitalised in Tertiary Center in special isolated rooms where maternal and fetal surveillance will be done by the health providers until you get well.

If your result is negative then despite of symptoms you will be allowed to go home in Self Quarantine and will be monitored from there, if the symptoms persist then you will be re-tested until tested negative.

During Delivery and Postpartum Recovery Period

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It is under investigation currently that whether the newborns are at severe risk of COVID-19.

Incase the mother has confirmed COVID -19 then the baby has to be isolated from the mother and will be monitored separately.The decision to discontinue the separation will depend upon the disease severity, symptoms and lab tests.

If you are in one of the potential Hot spots then it is imperative that you take proper precautions while handling the baby and you should be wearing mask all the time and keep yourself sanitised and the surroundings as well.


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During temporary separation breast milk should be expressed to establish and maintain milk supply.You can use Breast pumps but hygiene should be practised and the pump should be thoroughly disinfected. Breast Milk should be given to the baby by a healthy care giver. If the mother wished to breastfeed the baby directly then mask is a must while handling the baby.

We will be wrapping up the discussion here with an final note for all the Mothers

"Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” – Harriette Hartigan


Dont panic instead speak to your partner, your loved ones and to your Health Practitioner regularly about any stress or anxiety that you are feeling.

We at Just Conceived are your Virtual Buddies and we would love to hear all about your journey :)

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