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Introducing Just Conceived's Second Trimester Essentials Kit, a comprehensive and nurturing solution crafted specifically to support you through the incredible journey of the second trimester of pregnancy. While the focus often shifts entirely to the baby during this time, our kit places the spotlight back on you, offering research-backed information and expertly curated products to navigate the unique challenges and transformations of this pivotal stage with confidence and comfort.


As you journey through the second trimester, you may find yourself inundated with advice and information, some of which may feel contradictory or overwhelming. Our kit is here to provide clarity amidst the confusion, offering research-backed resources to help you make informed decisions and navigate the changes in your body with ease.

Whether you're treating yourself to a well-deserved gift or surprising a loved one with a thoughtful gesture of support, Just Conceived's Second Trimester Essentials Kit is here to empower you to embrace the journey of pregnancy with confidence and grace. Because every expecting mother deserves to feel nurtured, supported, and celebrated as she prepares to welcome new life into the world.

First Trimester Essentials Kit

  • 1. Maternity & Nursing Gown 

    2. Just Conceived Pregnancy Guide  - Navigating Pregnancy, one chapter at a time 

    Delve into "Navigating Pregnancy, One Chapter at a Time," your indispensable companion will hand hold you from the instant you realize you're expecting, and throughout the entire journey of childbirth and beyond. This book breaks down every facet of pregnancy into easily understandable sections, providing the reassuring support of a close friend.

    Brimming with practical insights and advice, it's crafted to empower new mothers, guaranteeing they feel confident and content throughout their extraordinary voyage.

    3. Whisper Liners

    4. Water Bottle for New Mom 

    5. Satin Eye Mask

    6. Trail Mix for Pregnancy (200Gms)


    Optional Products 

    7. Energy Bombs ( Pack of 8 ) 

    8. Granola Mix 250Gms 

    9. Anaemia Bombs ( Pack of 8)