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Checklist: What Essentials to carry in your Handbag in First Trimester (0-12 Weeks ) ?

The Checklist

If you have recently discovered that you have conceived and are beginning to research about pregnancy then we are here to give you the perfect checklist for a New Mom :)

Most of us already carry these products in our handbag but during First

Trimester of pregnancy a few other essential products are a must to keep you refreshed.

First Trimester Planner by Just Conceived

Just Conceived Planners for First Trimester are a handy compilation of the major changes that you will undergo in the First 12 Weeks of your Pregnancy. It comes with a monthly planner for you to make note of important details like Doctor Appointments, to-do list and other notes.

La Shield Suncreen Lotion by Glenmark

Carefree Liners

if you’ve been wondering if discharge during pregnancy is normal, the answer is yes! Pregnancy discharge is your body’s way of creating a protective barrier for your growing baby against infection.

Energy Bombs by Just Conceived

Keep those hunger pangs at bay with Just Conceived Energy Bombs. If you are going to be out for more than 2 hours then you should carry a snack ( preferably healthy) to keep yourself full.

Just Conceived Energy Bombs are full of rich carbohydrates and protein to help you stay full as well as keeping a check on your health

Maybelline Baby Lips (Lip Balm)

Medicine Tracker Chart Carry this to keep a note of your Vitamin & Iron Supplements daily (Available in Just Conceived First Trimester Kit )

Wet Wipes by Kara

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