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Pregnancy Wellness: Safe Exercises for staying fit during Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

As soon as we hear the news of pregnancy we are advised to be extra cautious and alert in the coming months for a healthy delivery.

It is indeed one of the most crucial phases of your life and you should be extra careful with your lifestyle habits, food habits and fitness in order to keep both you and the little one, hail and hearty.

If we particularly talk about fitness, if you were following a workout routine or activity then it is a good time to discuss it with your doctor and take recommendation for what exercises you can keep following during this time.

Based on the suggestions given by doctors and health experts, these exercises are considered to be universally safe and convenient to include in your daily routine.

1.Walking / Jogging

If you are an early riser its a plus! Morning Walk is one of the most under rated yet effective way of staying healthy. It doesn't strain you and you can take breaks in between to suit your pace.

During First Trimester, you can follow a moderate level workout routine in which doing Cardio and lifting Light Weights is safe.

In the Second & Trimester, Walking or Jogging is a good activity to take up to maintain your routine and stay healthy at the same time.

2.Yoga : The Universal Elixir

The Best part about Yoga is that all you need to do it is your Inner Drive and you're set!

You can get purchase a Yoga Mat and slowly inculcate this habit in your daily routine. It will help you reconnect to yourself and get calmness in your life.

But Yoga is not just about Relaxation, it is also a great way to improve your flexibility and endurance which will help you in the entire course of pregnancy and post pregnancy recovery

You can continue Yoga all through out the three trimesters but make sure you do not attempt any uncomfortable asana which might cause danger to the baby or you. Consult about which asanas you can safely follow during this time.

3. Its all in the DIET

The entire Pregnancy phase is considered to be a cheat phase in your diet which is one of the biggest causes of Post Partum Depression in women after pregnancy.

According to Health Experts, the healthy weight gain ranges anywhere from 9 to 11 kgs.

During the First Trimester the onset of Morning Sickness causes nausea and women tend to get repulsed by certain smell and foods. Keep some bedside snacks handy so that you can eat something right after waking up, this will calm your stomach and decrease the chances of nausea in the morning.

Some Healthy Pregnancy Snacks are -

  • Ginger / Lemon / Amla / Tamarind Candies

  • Dry Fruits-Almonds, Figs, Dates, Raisins

  • Ragi / Oatmeal / Wholegrain Cookies

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Smoothie made with milk or yogurt, frozen fruit (banana, berries)

  • Coconut Water

  • Salted Chana, Puffed Rice Mix

  • Fox nuts

This Chart summarizes below Whats Good and Whats Bad for you and the baby in Pregnancy.

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