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Weekly Q&A with Just Conceived: All you need to know About Breastfeeding

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Just Conceived has started a weekly series on topics which are elusive to New Moms and Our First Topic is BREASTFEEDING

We asked for Common Queries from New Moms regarding Breastfeeding and they sent us some of these questions.

We have tried to answer most of them and we hope these help you too in your Breastfeeding Journey :)

Q1: When to start breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding can ideally start right after your baby is born.

You can seek assistance from your Gyneacologist or nurse to understand the latching process and start feeding the baby after birth.

Q2: How frequently do you have to feed the baby?

First three months after Delivery demand feeding is to be done, babies sleep most of the time during the day in the first three months and whenever they wake up you and feed them which is generally 10-12 times a day.

After 3 months you can train the baby for feeding and you can breastfeed in every 3-5 hours

Q3: For what duration should we breastfeed the baby in one session?

After 15-20 minutes into breastfeeding you can unlatch your baby and you can put him/her on your shoulder and gently pat their back. If they sleep on patting then no need to feed again otherwise feed from the other breast to avoid air ingestion

Q4: What kind of diet should I eat to aid in breastfeeding and increasing Milk supply?

For the Mother it is important to consume a healthy diet rich in Protein, Calcium, Folic Acid & Fats to keep up with lactation and staying energetic.

Have lots of Fluids and Avoid Caffeine

Your diet should also include almonds, garlic, milk, methi (fenugreek) as these foods stimulate the production of Breast Milk.

Herbs like Shatavari are available in the form of powder and other edible forms which are highly potent in enhancing lactation.

Q5: What is the importance of Breastfeeding apart from being a miracle food for the baby?

Breastfeeding your little one is one of the most valuable gifts God has bestowed upon you. Breast Milk is Natural, pure and full of essentail nutrients vital for the young one.

Breast feeding is an experience which nurtures the Emotional Bonding between a Mother and child and it also makes the baby feel Secure & connected.

It is very convenient to feed your baby at any time and at any given place.

The Nutritional quality of Breast Milk is much higher than Cow or Buffalo's Milk and provides all essential vitamins to the baby.

There is reduced likelihood of allergies when baby is fed Breastmilk

Q6: For how long is it advisable to breastfeed the baby ?

Mostly Doctors Recommend Breastfeeding for upto 2 years.

Out of this period your baby should be breastfed exclusively till 6 months and then you can gradually start weaning by slowly introducing your baby to variety of foods like Rice-water, Daal-Paani etc so that it is not completely dependent on you by the end of 1 year.

Q7: How to increase Breast Milk Supply?

The baby's Sucking reflex will help in increasing the milk supply naturally, Staying positive in mind and galactogos like shatavri, Methi, Buttermilk, Liquids like Juice, shakes etc can also aid in increasing the supply

Q8: Why burping in babies is important while feeding?

Sometimes when the breastfeeding  goes on for more than 15minutes the baby may start ingesting air instead of milk and can lead to tummy ache because of sucking air while breastfeeding.

Put the baby on your shoulder and gently tap for burp and after that if it goes to sleep no need to feed and still if they are hungry then try feeding from other breast

Q9: Why does my baby pass Stool immediately after Breastfeeding?

Colic Reflex in babies is very common and Breastfed Milk is easily digestable for the baby so you may find that afterfeeding your baby he passes stool immediately, he starts to pull up his legs, and may fuss, cry or even scream.

Dont panic as its completely normal in babies to show Colic Reflex and poop immediately after feeding

(multiple times a day )

Q10: What to do about sore nipples?

After Every Feed you can Clean the nipples with wet wipes or soft tissue and Apply Nipcare creams or Vaseline to avoid Soreness

Q11: Should I Stop Breastfeeding If I Am Sick?

It is very rare for a mom to need to stop breastfeeding in any illness like Cold, Fever, Diarrhoea etc. There are only a few very serious illnesses that might require a mom to stop breastfeeding for a period of time.

You can contact your Gyneac with the details of medications and they will guide you with whether its safe to breastfeed during the illness.

Q12: What is the ideal ambience and position for Breastfeeding ?

Sitting position is the best for baby and the mother, when the baby is breastfeeding don't get distracted and move, all things can wait while baby is feeding and you should keep patting his head so that baby feels secure.

Avoid sleeping position during breastfeeding as the baby may feel uncomfortable and may not feed properly and will be irritable.You can use feeding pillows for comfort, be in a well ventilated room away from distraction and noise so the baby feels relaxed and secure

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