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Weekly Q&A with Just Conceived: Discussing Common pains & aches in Pregnancy

You will be experience various kinds of discomforts during pregnancy -- some fleeting, some more permanent. Some may occur in the early weeks, while others emerge closer to the time of delivery. Others may appear early and then go away, only to return later.

Every woman's pregnancy is unique, so you may not experience all of the changes but there are some common pains that you may face in different phases of your pregnancy

Q1: What are the Common vague aches and pains of pregnancy?

You will be visited with various kinds of discomforts during pregnancy- some fleeting, some more permanent.

Abdominal Pain-Can be in the upper abdomen, umblicus area and lower abdomen area

Breast pain due to heaviness & physiological changes in the Breasts



Leg cramping

Swelling in feet and ankle

Q2: What are the Primary Causes of Pain experienced during Pregnancy?

The Primary causes of Pain in pregnancy are either due to:

1. General Causes:

1.If the mother is aneamic(lack of iron) and weak then the pain threshold is low which leads to more pain and discomfort.

2.Pain due to dehydration

3.Vitamin D deficiency causes back pain, bone pain, muscle pain.

4.Worm Infestation which can cause aneamia and frequent pain in the abdomen

5.History of typhoid, stomach ache or ulcers should be shared with your obstetrician

6.Fatty liver means liver function is compromised due to folic acid and vitamin C deficiency which can lead to muscle and bone pains.Increase intake of Vitamin C and Folic acid in your diet and supplements.

7.Urinary tract infections can cause pain in the lower abdomen.

8.Vitamin B-12 deficiency causes nerve pains.

9.Postural pain due to sitting for too long or being in the same position for a long time.

10.Abdominal Pains- Can be in Upper Abdomen, Umblicus and Lower Abdomen

2.Pregnancy Related Causes:

In the First trimester:

Weak pregnancy or multiple pregnancy can lead to pain in the lower abdomen.

Urine Analysis to be done to identify urine infections that can cause pain and indicate weak pregnancy.

In the Second Trimester

Pain due to movement of baby can cause discomfort and pain.

If baby's growth is not proper than there might be discomfort and abdominal pain

Urine Analysis to be done to identify urinary tract infections that might be cause pain

In the Third trimester

If the baby is breach presentation which means that baby is not coming out from head side then you will experience pain.

If the baby is Transverse position which means the baby is slightly at an angle, but still more sideways, than up or down.

If amniotic fluid is less around the uterus then obstructed labour can cause pain

If amniotic fluid is more because of increased abdominal pressure there will be pain

Urine Analysis to be done to identify urinary tract infections that can cause pain.

If There is bleeding during pregnancy then it can cause pain and you should contact your obstetrician.

Q3: Possible Reasons of Abdominal Pain?

Pain in Upper Abdomen

Pain arising from gall bladder

Pain arising from Stomach- Gestritis, In Majority of women abdominal pain is due to gestritis, indigestion, gaseous distention, bloating.

Pain arising from Liver

Pain arising in Pancreas

Pain due to ingestion of outside or unhygienic food.

If pain is not relieved then you must consult your obstetrician and get yourself investigated.

Pain around umblicus-

if the pain is around the umblicus then you might be having some infection in the gut.

Worm infestation can cause aneamia and pain in the umblicus area

Pain of Appendicitis is localised to Right Side

Flank pain (in areas below the ribs and above the pelvis) most commonly results from one of three causes: urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney stones, and musculoskeletal problems like a muscle strain or pinched nerve.

If you are having pain due loose motions which may be griping then it can be water borne infections.

Due to food allergies-Check what you have eaten

Pain in Lower Abdomen

1.Urine infections can cause pain in lower abdomen

2.Pain due to constipation

Q4 Investigations to identify the cause of Pain 

UltraSound Scan

CBC (Complete Blood Count)

Urine Analysis

LFT (Liver Function Test)

Kidney function test

Vitamin D estimation and Vitamin B12 estimation

Sugar and thyroid

Q5: When will be the pain dangerous to the baby?

Ultrasound helps in investigating whether pain is due to obstetric reasons or or non-obstetric reasons.

We can keep a check on baby's growth and wellbeing through ultrasound so at 10, 20, 36 weeks USG is important.

Also you can have a scan at 6 weeks to locate the sac whether it is in uterus or tube to check for ectopic pregnancy and for multiple pregnancy

At 20 Weeks anomaly scan to check for congenital defects

We should not take pain lightly and you should reach out to your obstetrician incase of any persistent pain or discomfort.

Q6: What causes Discomfort during night due to vaginal pressure?

When the baby is lowdown you feel discomfort in the lower portion so keep pillow under your feet as foot end should be raised and head end should be low

Take rest during daytime atleast 8-10 hours sleep everyday so that blood supply to baby is adequate 

Urine infections can also cause discomfort so get an urine test done to check for the same

We don't recommend using vaginal washes because humidity makes the bacteria thrive which can lead to vaginal and urine infections.

Make sure that there is no leaking if yes then you should consult your obstetrician urgently.

Q7: What causes Muscle Pain in Pregnancy ?

Muscle pain is due to deficiency of calcium, Vitamin D or E in your body so try to introduce natural sources of vitamins and calcium in your diet.

Bad posture - Dont sit in one position for long, opt for comfortable mattress and chairs to avoid pains.

Electrolyte imbalance can cause musle pains so take lots of fluids like water, coconut water, juices to maintain the electrolyte levels in the body.

Q8: Can we use Hot compress for backache in pregnancy? 

No, Hot Compress is not suggested for bachache during pregnancy. Better to go for cold pack 

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