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Your Skin During Pregnancy : Common Changes in Skin, What to use and How to take care of it?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

A woman's body undergoes many transformations during the nine months of pregnancy.The “glow” of pregnancy isn’t a myth. Thanks to high levels of estrogen and progesterone, along with increased blood volume, you will glow during this time. But as every body is different, the skin is also something which is individualistic and your body may react differently to pregnancy.Sometimes lack of awareness of these common changes leaves women clueless and anxious.

Common Skin Changes that Occur during the entire duration of Pregnancy include-

Stretch marks- The skin on your stomach and breasts stretches to accommodate changes in your body, sometimes leading to white or pink streaks called stretch marks.

You can use lotions and creams to try and prevent or reduce them, and it may also help relieve the dry, itchy skin that occurs along with it.

When: Generally starts coming with the increasing weight which is from the 5th-6th Month ( Second Trimester) of Pregnancy.

Just Conceived Suggests: Bio Oil, Stretchmin Stretch marks Cream for Stretch Marks.Biotique Moisturisers, Coconut Oil for Dry & Itchy Skin

Linea nigra- This is the dark line that runs from your naval to your pubic bone. It gets darker during pregnancy but fades soon after.

Acne-Given that teenage acne is triggered by excessive hormones, it’s not surprising you may experience breakouts during pregnancy.

Watch your Sugar Intake during Pregnancy as sudden increase in Sugar levels often leads to Acne and similar Skin Problems. If you tend to have Oily Skin then stick to your Regular Face Wash and try washing your face at least 3-4 times during the day with Cold water.

Varicose and spider veins- The weight of your uterus pressing against large blood vessels can lead to sore, itchy veins, primarily on your legs.

To prevent them, avoid standing in one position for long periods of time; walk as much as possible to prevent blood from pooling in your legs; keep your legs slightly elevated when you sit or lie down.Increase the amount of vitamin C you get in your diet, which helps maintain strong blood vessels.

Its important to stay positive and be prepared for some changes to skin and your body during this time because it is only momentary and with proper care everything bounces back to Normal.

Daily Habits that will help you and your skin to be healthy:

1.Drink Lots of Water: Water is the elixir which makes all the problems go away when adequately taken. So drink at least 10-12 Glasses of Water Everyday.

2.Stay Away from Rashes: you will not experience any periods during these 9 months of pregnancy but you might experience slight fluid discharge at regular intervals which can make you and the Skin uncomfortable. We Suggest using Panty Liners for this purpose so that you don't get Redness & Itchy skin down there.

Just Conceived Suggests: Carefree Panty Liners

3.If you are staying in Hot & Humid Areas then keeping Wet Wipes handy is a good idea to save you from sudden hot flushes and Dehydration which leads to feeling low in energy.

Just Conceived Suggests: Kara Hydrating Wipes

Pamper Yourself : This time is about you and your self care so make the most of it. Although we do not suggest going heavy on external skin products for face and hair but if you are working and do not have many helping hands then we suggest going for Normal Aloe Vera based Creams, Hydrating Face Masks and Hair Masks to quickly give you the much needed pampering

Just Conceived Suggests: Faceshop FaceMasks for Skin & Palmer's Hair Masks.

If you have any doubts or queries please feel free to drop in comments or mail us at

We would be highly obliged to give you solutions and be your virtual friend during this time so that you sail smoothly through this beautiful journey without worrying too much :)

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