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Mumbai, India


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"I am grateful to the divine to be guided to this class by my friend❤️🙏 

RajYog is helping me find peace and bliss within, adding a pause to my otherwise busy day with my 16 months old toddler. I am in my first trimester and I look forward to create the balance and strength in my body for the coming journey 

I joined rajyog for sleepless night, i thought it is normal during pregnancy journey but my gynaecologist dr.thilagavathi murali mam suggest me to join rajyog.At first i thought it might be usual yoga class but later i felt a tremendous change in my sleep and my patience level. I got much relieve in lower back ache and pelvic bone pain too.I am very thankful to my gynaecologist mam and guruji ji for making my pregnancy as pleasant one 💞 "

"I joined rajyog addressing my lower back ache after getting pregnant. Once I started doing rajyog I had totally forgotten about the back ache. I had changed a few basic things like my sitting postures, my breathing pattern..all these along with the other asanas had helped me to get more active and energetic every day. 

Also during my scan i found that my placenta was low lying. Recently when i went for a follow up scan, the doctor was surprised and called it a "miracle" as my placenta has gone back to the normal position. All that I do is rajyog, and that should be the only magic behind this miracle😇 

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