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Delve into "Navigating Motherhood, One Chapter at a Time," your indispensable companion will hand hold you from the instant you realize you're expecting, and throughout the entire journey of childbirth and beyond. This book breaks down every facet of pregnancy into easily understandable sections, providing the reassuring support of a close friend. Whether you're just starting out, nearing the end, or adjusting to life after childbirth, this book offers clear guidance in simple language. Brimming with practical insights and advice, it's crafted to empower new mothers, guaranteeing they feel confident and content throughout their extraordinary voyage.

Dr. Shashibala Bhonsale Sao, a distinguished figure in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, emerges as a beacon of change and empowerment through her decades-long journey in healthcare. From her pivotal role in the Public Health and Family Welfare Department to her leadership as President of the Gwalior Obs and Gynae Society, Dr. Bhonsale Sao's impact resonates across the medical landscape. Dr. Bhonsale Sao's journey, rooted in her post-graduation in Gyneacology from GRMC Gwalior and Fellow of Indian Council of Obstetrics and Gyneacology spanning 37 years of dedicated service, embodies resilience and compassion.This Book is a testament of her work in Obstetrics and the Field of Maternal Health. “Navigating Pregnancy, One chapter at a time” is a gist of the practical knowledge she has gained in the past 37 years and will empower new mothers to take on this beautiful journey of Motherhood fearlessly

Just Conceived Guide - Navigating Motherhood One chapter at a time

  • Material 

    Hard Cover Book with Glossy Pages 

    Total Pages 100


    16cm Width 21.5cm Length