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Introducing Just Conceived's Intimate Care Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to support and nurture your intimate health during the postpartum period. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our kit is specifically tailored to address the unique needs of new mothers, ensuring comfort, cleanliness, and confidence as you embark on this transformative journey.


Our Intimate Care Kit is thoughtfully curated to provide everything you need for optimal postpartum intimate hygiene.

Pregawear Lochia panty has been specially designed for managing heavy lochial flows during the postpartum recovery period

Pregawear Lochia panty has been specially designed for managing lochial flows immediately after delivery which normally has very heavy bleeding and needs special care.Prowee Disposable Lochia Panties are equipped to handle this extra flow and can manage up to 450 ml. In-built leak guards avoid spillage of discharge and super absorbent material manages and protects from the feeling of wetness.


Pregawear Lochia Panty is a necessity for the first 3-10 days after delivery as there is extensive tissue and vaginal flow. Shell material of panty for Pregawear is complacent and convenient for new moms. The material is soft and extendable around the waist that prevents itching, pain, and discomfort caused by rubbing against the incisions. The breathable material of Pregawear has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Intimate Care Kit


    1. Pregawear Postpartum Underwear (Pack of 5)

    3. Breast Pads ( Pack of 2 Pairs )

    4. Nursing Bra 



    • Material composition : Pregawear  Postpartum Underwear Viscose Blend

    • Breast Pads  Bamboo Cotton

    • Nursing Bra Cotton Lycra 

    Pregawear Postpartum Underwear

    • Care Instructions for Underwear : Disposable, Non Washable, One time use

    • Disposable Women's post-delivery Postpartum absorbant Panty (Fitted with 450ML absorbance capacity pad)

    • Disclaimer: The product is non-returnable/exchangeable.

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