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Designed for day-to-night protection for light leaking, these reusable breast pads are tucked discreetly into your bra and reduce visibility through clothing. Plus, they’re made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo cotton material to provide extra comfort for sensitive or sore nipples when it’s needed most.


Comes in Mix of 5 Colors ( Peach, Lemon Yellow, Skin color, White, Black, Pink)

Reusable Breast Pads (Pack of 4 Pairs )

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹539.10Sale Price
    • Breast Pads : Bamboo Cotton
    • Absorbent Pad that provides cool soothing relief
    • Allows the pad to absorb excess fluid leakage, reduces the chance for macerating the breast tissue
    • Provides extra cushioning and protection from clothing friction
    • Unique disc shape allows to fit comfortable inside the bra
  • Comes in Six Colors