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Introducing the Nourish and Nurse Mini Kit by Just Conceived, a compact yet comprehensive collection of essentials designed to support feeding and lactation for new mothers. This thoughtfully curated kit is packed with products aimed at nourishing both mom and baby during the precious breastfeeding journey.


Feeding and lactation are essential aspects of motherhood, and our Nourish and Nurse Mini Kit is here to provide the support and assistance you need every step of the way. From promoting milk production to ensuring comfort during breastfeeding sessions, each item in the kit is carefully selected to enhance the breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby.


With the Nourish and Nurse Mini Kit, you'll find essential items such as lactation cookies or supplements, nipple balm for soothing soreness, nursing pads for leak protection, and possibly a breastfeeding guide or resource to provide additional support and guidance.

Nourish & Nurse Mini Kit

  • 1.  Maternity & Nursing Gown 

    2. Baby Feed Planner 

    3. Breast Pads ( Pack of 2 Pairs )

    4. Breast milk Storage Bags ( Pack of 5 X 2 ) 

    5. Nipple Butter Nipcare


    • Material composition : 

    • Maternity Wear Pure Cotton 

    • Breast Pads Bamboo Cotton


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