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Introducing Just Conceived's Third Trimester Essentials Kit, a comprehensive collection of high-quality essentials designed to support you through the final stretch of pregnancy. As you navigate the incredible physical changes and challenges of the third trimester, our kit is here to provide comfort, relief, and moments of relaxation when you need them most.


At this stage, you may find yourself experiencing a mix of emotions—from the thrill of visibly carrying new life to the discomfort of pregnancy insomnia and the need for soothing skin care. Our Third Trimester Essentials Kit is thoughtfully curated to address all of these needs and more, ensuring that you feel supported and cared for as you prepare for the arrival of your little one.


Highlights of our kit include our soft and comfy Maternity & Nursing gown, designed to snugly accommodate your growing belly while providing ease and comfort during late-night feedings. Additionally, our luxe eye mask offers moments of relaxation and rest, helping to alleviate the effects of pregnancy insomnia and promote rejuvenating sleep.


We've also included must-have products like Disposable Pregnancy Underwear, which are specially designed to absorb heavy discharge during pregnancy and post-delivery, providing both comfort and peace of mind during this transitional period.


Each item in our kit is backed by research and crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring that you receive the support and care you deserve as you journey through the final trimester of pregnancy.

Whether you're treating yourself to a well-deserved gift or surprising a loved one with a thoughtful gesture of support, Just Conceived's Third Trimester Essentials Kit is the perfect companion for this exciting and transformative time. Because every expecting mother deserves to feel good, supported, and pampered as she prepares to welcome her little one into the world.

Third Trimester Essentials Kit

  • 1.  Maternity & Nursing Gown 

    2. Just Conceived Pregnancy Guide  - Navigating Pregnancy, one chapter at a time 


    Delve into "Navigating Pregnancy, One Chapter at a Time," your indispensable companion will hand hold you from the instant you realize you're expecting, and throughout the entire journey of childbirth and beyond. This book breaks down every facet of pregnancy into easily understandable sections, providing the reassuring support of a close friend.

    Brimming with practical insights and advice, it's crafted to empower new mothers, guaranteeing they feel confident and content throughout their extraordinary voyage.

    3. Pregawear Disposable Lochia Discharge Underwear for Heavy Leakage during Delivery

    4. Stretchnil cream 

    5.  Satin Eye Mask 

    6. Breast pads ( Pack of 2 Pairs )

    7. Lavender oil infused Epsom Bath Salt  250GMS




    7. Anaemia Bombs ( Pack of 8) 

    8. Energy Bombs ( Pack of 8 )

    9. Granola Mix (250GMs)

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