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Prowee️ has a specially curated range of disposable panties for all stages of pregnancy and also for the postpartum period called Pregawear Postpartum Panty. Pregawear Disposable Maternity Panties are part of the Pregawear pregnancy range. These are comforting products for the mothers or to be mothers.


Disposable Panties under this range are crafted to manage all kinds of vaginal flows. Pregawear maternity panty has been specially designed for managing lochial flows during the postpartum recovery period which normally has very heavy flows including tissues and needs special care. Prowee️ Pregawear disposable maternity panties are equipped to handle this extra flow and can manage up to 350 ml. In-built leak guards to avoid spillage of discharge and super absorbent material manages & protects from the feeling of wetness. Shell material of panty for Pregawear is complacent and convenient for new moms. The material is soft and extendable around the waist that prevents itching, pain, and discomfort caused by rubbing against the incisions. The breathable material of Pregawear has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. A new mother and mother-to-be takes extra precautions to prevent infections as it not only affects her but also the health of the baby. With a fair range of sizes, one gets to choose as per one's need. Adequate air circulation around the groin area results in better healing of incisions.


The product is ideal and appropriate for new moms to celebrate the joys of motherhood without worrying about washing stained garments.

Pregawear Postpartum Disposable Pregnancy Panty for Medium - Heavy Flow

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹359.10Sale Price
    • Material composition

      Viscose Blend

      Care instructions

    • Disposable, Non Washable, One time use

    • Care Instructions: Disposable, Non-Washable, One-time use
    • Disposable Maternity Panty Fitted with 450 ML absorbency capacity pad
    • Pregawear Maternity panty has been specially designed for managing heavy lochial flows during the postpartum recovery period
    • Prowee Pregawear Maternity Panty gives body-hugging fit as it comes in 6 sizes to provide comfort like a regular innerwear
    • Anti fungal and Anti bacterial properties to prevent infections
    • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 14 x 12 cm; 220 g
    • Pack of 5