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Get a powerful remedy for anaemia with Cranberry and Beet Anaemia Bombs. These bombs offer a potent combination of two ingredients that work together to fight low red blood cell count.


These Anaemia Bombs consist of a blend of dates, raisins, makhanas, oats, seeds, cranberry, blueberry and honey as their key ingredients.


Anaemia Bombs are packed with the nutritional powerhouses of Beetroot, Cranberry and dates respectively. These ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to supplement the growth of Haemoglobin and offer a multitude of benefits for individuals struggling with anaemia.

Anaemia Bombs -Cranberry and Beet (Pack of 8 )300GMS

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  • Single Pack contains 8 Bombs 

    Protein(gms) per bomb : 8 

    No Artificial Sweetners

    No Preservatives

    Rich in  Iron and Anrioxidants

  • The Food items are prepared on Order basis and take 3-4 days to Dispatch.

    Once dispatched they take 5-6 days to reach